Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let the banjo live

Today is November 9th

I am yet again sitting at Alex's house. We just saw a beautiful film today called interstellar. I keep getting distracted by facebook. Its sunday night. I don't really feel like going out. I just got a new job at a fine dinning restaurant. I have a feeling I am going to hate it, but hopefully it will pay off. The last time I worked was Saturday which was their busiest night so far. The key for me will be to not getting stressed out.

The moon was so full
I felt it in my teeth
She put a hold on the sky
and lit the ground beneath

The ape and the angel
walked slow and softly through
A sleeping neighborhood
As the sky turned from black to blue

You thank yourself for seeing
the inexplicable road's end
You traveled past the night
until you met the sun again

Was the twist in indecision
a chemical poem on the brain's slate
Or was it a ghost from somewhere far, but close
Thats directed divinely accurate

So sleep in your ignorance
wait for a glimpse once and awhile
of shadows unseen
that override ration's denial

The sheep will run from the dogs
but you can fallow the lady's red scarf
she bares a secret
that you hear every time you start

To let the banjo live
as sings from your hands
in a field of wheat somewhere
that sways with each
sweep across the land

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