Sunday, November 1, 2015


The yuppies are in the next room
Singing songs they fancy enchanting 
They could bore a tick to death

I want more. More than this little room
I want to pour the world like a bowl of tomato bisque 
spinkle something here and there
spices from the rack
drink it up like chai tea

If there is something profound here 
Explain it, otherwise let me float
Come apart from the ground and drift

The singing fools have finally left the kitchen and I rest in my silence
Only for a while in your absence

When you're gone it's the only time
I hear my voice. It's the only time I see
You never sing, you never dance
You wear a cold smile 

Some part my heart died when I met you. 
I knew I that your chains had found my wrists.

It isn't because you are mean
It is because you are numb. So numb that it makes you stupid 

Your sad little parents never taught you to feel. So you followed behind them with a tight fist. Holding back the earth quaking noise

The feelings are all lost now, you've sequestered them and now you can even see the surface. 


I cast you out every time
Spit you up in the molten
Puss from a volcano
I am the cannon
And the sinking ship
All I can see is my hollowness
You try to fill me with devotion
yet there are too many holes
A Pearl eyed, sullen, swept

I drift from bank to bank