Monday, December 15, 2014

I didn't eat today
I wanted to see how long
I could stand the hunger
until the sun came up

I know there are those
who don't choose it but
they feel it all the same
until the sun comes up

I feel my legs in water
I wade through the lake
back to something
but I always seem to float back

to my island in the middle
I want to get something done
to be like you, to keep walking
even when your feet sting

I look into the eyes of those
who I think expect something
but they don't want nothing
but a nod 

I am hard pressed against myself
caught between love and loathing
The child in my heart shows her face
only so often 
Its hard to draw her out

There was once someone 
carefree who loved to entertain
now she is hiding behind
a slow and still face

That looks at the floor most days
afraid to meet your gaze
Its not that I don't like you
I'm just shy

I'm hard pressed against myself 
caught between love and loathing
the child in my heart shows her face only so often
Its hard to draw her out

Sunday, December 7, 2014

rainbow river

A7       E
Trying not to think too hard
about all that is outside of me
because if I cling to it all
I'll be in pieces

A7       E
The river of my soul
is fluid and sweet
But you will find life's debris
caked along the banks

A        E
Oh how do I decide
what to keep
and what to put aside
will these memories
stay or die
G     A
Cause I'm tired

A7      E
You say you want to leave the world
that the sickness has done you in
cyclical and sad as it is
the worst is in your eyes

where is the mercy you cry
into the the very of black night
the response is quiet and shy
G     A
and full of stars

I wanted to believe'
I wanted to believe
in the night