Monday, May 9, 2011


I received reiki the other day. It provided tremendous insight into myself.

My soul is a well
where I fish
for the hundreds of monsters
shifting and slimming.

I feel their claws now and then,
scrape the arched walls
of the serpentine gape 
itching for absolve.

I toss chemicals into
the brick cylinder
wishing for their death.
I wouldn't dare look.

Their faces--too hideous,
at first, but as become
familiar. I see a likeness.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Prism mind, speak me something.
Speak something hard and fast
past this dusty comforter
where my foot dangles, the cobbler's last.

I dip my fingertips into
hot wax candle pools,
let it cast around my nails,
then peel it away when the warmth cools.

I refuse to give myself credit
for such paltry desire
 My flesh sulks in atonement.
“It was just a harmless fire.”

Bewildered suit when will you
mature enough to rip
from each limp seam
until your fabric slips.

The haze of “needs”
amuses my focus
like a cat fondling string
vapid and useless.

I just want my mind.
I will leave my body .