Monday, December 15, 2014

I didn't eat today
I wanted to see how long
I could stand the hunger
until the sun came up

I know there are those
who don't choose it but
they feel it all the same
until the sun comes up

I feel my legs in water
I wade through the lake
back to something
but I always seem to float back

to my island in the middle
I want to get something done
to be like you, to keep walking
even when your feet sting

I look into the eyes of those
who I think expect something
but they don't want nothing
but a nod 

I am hard pressed against myself
caught between love and loathing
The child in my heart shows her face
only so often 
Its hard to draw her out

There was once someone 
carefree who loved to entertain
now she is hiding behind
a slow and still face

That looks at the floor most days
afraid to meet your gaze
Its not that I don't like you
I'm just shy

I'm hard pressed against myself 
caught between love and loathing
the child in my heart shows her face only so often
Its hard to draw her out

Sunday, December 7, 2014

rainbow river

A7       E
Trying not to think too hard
about all that is outside of me
because if I cling to it all
I'll be in pieces

A7       E
The river of my soul
is fluid and sweet
But you will find life's debris
caked along the banks

A        E
Oh how do I decide
what to keep
and what to put aside
will these memories
stay or die
G     A
Cause I'm tired

A7      E
You say you want to leave the world
that the sickness has done you in
cyclical and sad as it is
the worst is in your eyes

where is the mercy you cry
into the the very of black night
the response is quiet and shy
G     A
and full of stars

I wanted to believe'
I wanted to believe
in the night

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ur eyez

sometimes I see
Into your life
before you met me
and I'm taken with all

The beauty you've found
in lands that I've never seen
we are driving through
the foggy hills of wyoming

and my soul is taken far
from my body as we travel
down the road

I want your eyes
I need your eyes
I want your eyes
for myself love
all for my self
All for myself

I know it might seem
selfish but I can't see it any
other way

I surrender to the dance
of my heart
I'll keep you
and that is all


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let the banjo live

Today is November 9th

I am yet again sitting at Alex's house. We just saw a beautiful film today called interstellar. I keep getting distracted by facebook. Its sunday night. I don't really feel like going out. I just got a new job at a fine dinning restaurant. I have a feeling I am going to hate it, but hopefully it will pay off. The last time I worked was Saturday which was their busiest night so far. The key for me will be to not getting stressed out.

The moon was so full
I felt it in my teeth
She put a hold on the sky
and lit the ground beneath

The ape and the angel
walked slow and softly through
A sleeping neighborhood
As the sky turned from black to blue

You thank yourself for seeing
the inexplicable road's end
You traveled past the night
until you met the sun again

Was the twist in indecision
a chemical poem on the brain's slate
Or was it a ghost from somewhere far, but close
Thats directed divinely accurate

So sleep in your ignorance
wait for a glimpse once and awhile
of shadows unseen
that override ration's denial

The sheep will run from the dogs
but you can fallow the lady's red scarf
she bares a secret
that you hear every time you start

To let the banjo live
as sings from your hands
in a field of wheat somewhere
that sways with each
sweep across the land

Monday, August 4, 2014

As such, I'm trying
trying to be. Trying to fill
trying to fold myself into something
something I have constructed
something that I will never fit inside
I designed it as such
I took a silliouette of something
interpreted outside of myself
like a cookie cutter frame
and I a blank plot of doe

I am independent of you 
beast by and by
I hear your critique
I hear everyone's critique
I've been told
that they are useless
the opinions and expectations
put on by others
only holograms
bars of smoke
I am learning to live my life
with my head turned towards something
a Mountain held
by the light of the closest star
My ear turned away from the iron mouth
I'll smile at them and move
forward with my steps
my legs at a constant
push towards the scene
in the woods that are dark
and ever gracious,
with unconditional acceptance

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You lie slumbering
in a velvet room next door
I listen to you sleep
as your breaths hit the floor

I found some tape recordings
from an old TV broadcast
murmurs of a life
that were left in the trash

The histories or hers
all on a small blue dot
I couldn't hold a thing against you
you're just fraction of the spot

so spread your feelings out like sand
across my ocean
let your tears roll off my cheeks
I'll be your listener

I know you wanted to go
you missed your chance again
But I'm here like honey
We can still pretend

The We hit all the places
on the maps on the wall
throw darts into land mass
watch'em sore down the hall

Dream my lover,
are you a dream in my eye?
dream while you're awake
and dream until you die

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This is an absurd piece. Its different than my usually style because there is not really central idea. I just sat down and tried to listen to the chaos of the mind.  

Styrofoam cups and
babies rounding mountains
climb cricket hill top 
to pluck the blossoms off
a blunt in your air 

bare, a billowy rowan tree
the winter white days cloud your eyes
and burrow deep in the brown fur
that rises and falls with sleep

prints show up all over your hands
follow them down to your navel
and tuck it in like a laugh
that hits you like red sirens