Saturday, April 2, 2016

Yes, to everything that is.


Doing another blog. This time though, instead of writing a tumultuous, emotionally charged piece full of all my regrets and unwillingness to accept the current color of this dream, I'm going to get real.

I am a 25 year old white girl living in Denton, Tx. I am dating a guy named Alex whom I also share a house with. I play music in a band. I work at a credit union called DATCU. I have some friends and some acquaintances. I have approximately 3,000 dollars in debt which includes medical bills, credit cards, and and student loans. My mother, and 2 brothers also live near.

These are all concrete facts that I can say are true. I have avoided relaying any judgments about these facts.

Any suffering I have is due to my attachment to these facts and how I interpret them. Right here and now, I am not thinking about them. I am not worried about them, because here and now they are not a problem.

Alex and I are going to the Dallas Arts convention down town. His band will be play tonight. I will enjoy all the fruits of this evening without drifting into the future and worrying that my legs fall off.  

I have chosen to forget about my life and get swept up in the world and in the interconnectivity. I have thought about my expectations and my needs way too much. I know that writing is the way for me. Whether its poetry, stories, or songs. Creating is essential to my survival. I have known this for a long time. I guess I was to focused on trying to perfect my vessel. I think that this vessel with extend in flow into the river of life naturally. I must trust it. I must trust in life. Today I am saying yes. I am saying yes to everything that is in my life.