Monday, August 4, 2014

As such, I'm trying
trying to be. Trying to fill
trying to fold myself into something
something I have constructed
something that I will never fit inside
I designed it as such
I took a silliouette of something
interpreted outside of myself
like a cookie cutter frame
and I a blank plot of doe

I am independent of you 
beast by and by
I hear your critique
I hear everyone's critique
I've been told
that they are useless
the opinions and expectations
put on by others
only holograms
bars of smoke
I am learning to live my life
with my head turned towards something
a Mountain held
by the light of the closest star
My ear turned away from the iron mouth
I'll smile at them and move
forward with my steps
my legs at a constant
push towards the scene
in the woods that are dark
and ever gracious,
with unconditional acceptance