Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You lie slumbering
in a velvet room next door
I listen to you sleep
as your breaths hit the floor

I found some tape recordings
from an old TV broadcast
murmurs of a life
that were left in the trash

The histories or hers
all on a small blue dot
I couldn't hold a thing against you
you're just fraction of the spot

so spread your feelings out like sand
across my ocean
let your tears roll off my cheeks
I'll be your listener

I know you wanted to go
you missed your chance again
But I'm here like honey
We can still pretend

The We hit all the places
on the maps on the wall
throw darts into land mass
watch'em sore down the hall

Dream my lover,
are you a dream in my eye?
dream while you're awake
and dream until you die