Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I sat at a coffee shop today. I sat there for four hours reading a satire by Voltaire for my literature class. I conversed with my friend Daphne, sitting across from me, who is also studying the Western European Enlightenment. (That was when people started using reason to disprove themselves). In between reading I contemplated relationships and their insignificance, sometimes, and how they seem to have an inestimable weight over everyone. Our innate desire to reproduce is probably one of our most incommodious facets and our ability to overcome it may be one of our most profound.

Listen, I know what you think.
I can read you. I can read anyone. 
That grossly exorbitant man by the water pitcher is 
obviously thinking about the baked goods in the display case.
Double chocolate, cranberry banana, or both.
The girl with bubble glasses and wittily phrased T-shirt
is definitely shopping online at "Threadless."
That the guy to your left 
wearing the vintage Gabardine jacket
and the unkempt beard is an undeniable pedophile.  
You're indisputably interested in me 
because you asked me to get coffee with you.

I passed someone I recognized yesterday, but couldn't immediately place their face. Then I realized that it was the sandwich maker at subway. If I was to say something to him, what would I say? "Make any interesting sandwiches today?" He would {eat} that up. Every interaction I've experienced with him has been imponderably {cheesy}.

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